Heinrich Peters

I am a computational behavioral scientist, currently pursuing my PhD at Columbia Business School. In my research I explore how people interact with their environments through technology and how we can use data collected through technological devices (e.g., phones) and social media platforms to better predict and understand human behavior at scale. For example, I have analyzed the relationships between peoples' mobility profiles and mental health outcomes, and developed a psychometric test in the immersive environment of the popular computer game, Minecraft. In my most recent work I have used context-aware modeling approaches to study online social behaviors (e.g., user engagement and instant messaging on Snapchat). The nature of my research requires me to integrate methods from psychology and computer science. This has led me to pursue projects aimed at the development of new methods. For example, I have contributed to the data analysis baseline library (dabl), an open source python library for automated machine learning. I also work as a software developer for the AI Model Share Initiative. 

Aside from my academic endeavors I am passionate about music production and combat sports.